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MARTHIA SIDES Joins the Vietti Vinyl Family of Artists

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MARTHIA SIDES "Some Assembly Required" on TCN

Nashville, TN (April 15, 2011) — TCN Country (The Country Network) adds "Some Assembly Required" to their regular rotation and features the video in their weekly Breaking Out show.

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MARTHIA SIDES Shares Hope Through "Angels in the Snow!"

Nashville, TN (December 2, 2010) — The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends. It is a joyous time for most, but for some, it can be a constant reminder for the loss of a loved one – especially when a parent loses a child. "Angels in the Snow" is the new holiday single from Marthia Sides. This heart-wrenching ballad tells a story of loss eventually to hope by the song's end.

"Angels in the Snow" was released on CDX, Volume 512.

"Country Cares" To Benefit Nashville Flood Victims, May 12th

Nashville–based country singer Marthia Sides woke up to a heart–wrenching phone call early Monday morning, May 3, from her close friends, Stephanie and John of East Nashville, whose ranch home had been instantly flooded.

During the call, Stephanie explained to Sides that they were scrambling to grab anything they couldn't before having to evacuate, as the water kept rising and eventually reached chest level.

Saddened by this news, Sides, knowing first hand how hard the couple worked in the struggling economy, said she knew this is last thing her close friends needed.

Homeless herself at this point after she evacuated her own home near the Cumberland River because of no power or running water, Sides, with a little help from her friends and local artists, decided to organize “Country Cares,” a benefit concert called for people like Stephanie and John.

That said, “Country Cares,” a benefit concert intiated to help raise money for the many who have lost their valuables and homes to flooding, will take place 3-10 p.m. Wednesday, May 12, at Center Stage, 514 8th Ave. South, in Nashville Admission is just $5 per person and 100 percent of proceeds will go directly to victims of the recent floods, Sides said.

“After speaking with friends who lost everything, I just couldn't image starting from the ground up again,” Sides shared. “I decided to create an event and bring my love of music and my compassion for the flood victims together to help organize ‘Country Cares.’ This way I know the proceeds will go to the people directly in need.”

"I Got Faith"to be used on a new dance TV show

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"Picture Perfect Girl" video on Yallwire and Windowsmedia

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Marthia Sides Joins EV Family of Microphone Endorsers

Electro-Voice is pleased to welcome Marthia Sides to their family of endorsers. Marthia has a glittering resume that combines equally impressive career achievements and educational expertise. Read more about Electro Voice and Marthia HERE

Marthia on with her own chat site.

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From the Dallas Morning News:

Country Music Television's new Popularity Contest reality series exile 10 "city slickers" to the Panhandle town of Vega, Texas, population 936. "It wasn't nearly as backwards as we expected," New York opera singer Marthia conceded.